About AngelsThis mysterious life we find ourselves with is a long and often hard road. But if we sustain the idea that the universe is benign and the experience of life ultimately positive, then we can go far wrong. The angels are here to help. All we have to do is ask. This requires faith. In the end it is the individual heart, not the rational mind that establishes a relationship with angels. A question often asked is, if the angels are here to help us, why do they have to be asked?  The idea is that angels cannot interfere with our free will - with the exception of a life-threatening situation.

Tradition tells us that God created the angels on the second day of creation. They were given the purpose of ministering to all that manifest phenomena in the universe. But they did not come into existence to perform exactly the same functions.

An Angel is an intelligence without a physical form, a purely spiritual being. In order not to confuse us, Angels often appear to us in their familiar form of beautiful, floating beings with wings.

Angels were born perfect, fully capable of carrying out their functions. The only development they are traditionally accorded is the ability to learn from the experience of observing the Universe unfold.

Angels govern everything. Their object is to sustain the whole of Creation. Every type and species of animal, plant, and mineral has an angelic intelligence behind it, as do planets, stars, and winds. Free from the restrictions of time and space, angels can move faster than the speed of light - they can be anywhere the moment they want to be (or anywhere the moment they are called upon) and they can assume any form they wish. Although neither male nor female in a reproductive sense, many tend, energetically, to one polarity or another.

Excerpt from Francis Melville's, The Book of Angels, 2001.

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