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Flower essences are a gift from Mother Earth.  Similar to homeopathy though distinctly different, flower essences are actually categorized under the term Vibrational Medicine.  Vibrational Medicine is used to describe a wide variety of living remedies.  Light and color therapy, crystal healing, sound/music therapy and plants and herbs all fall in this category.

In the early 1930s, an accomplished physician by the name of Dr. Edward Bach, identified thirty-eight flowers and plants that had very specific therapeutic benefits.  When blended together to suit the individual needs of his patients and then used as indicated, results were amazing and aided in patients complete healing.

Flower essences focus on the emotional level of the body.  Taking flower essences creates an environment within where one's energy body is fully supported so that natural balance is restored and healing can occur on all other levels of the body; physical, mental, and spiritual.  Upon using flower essences, most people have found the healing process to be very gentle, rather subtle, and deeply transformative.  Flower essences complement all methods of natural healing and conventional medicine.  They are safe for use by adults, children of all ages including infants, and animals.

About your consultation with Jill

Jill Volpe is a master healing practitioner, a gifted intuitive, and an knowledgeable student of the Bach Foundation’s North American Educational Program. Like Dr. Bach, she is also dedicated to the ideals of simplicity and self-help.  Clients choose to see her when they are entrenched in their situation and need clarity and guidance in healing an emotional issue or emotional response to a physical issue.  Others choose to work with her when they desire a more divine perspective on their situation and require assistance in selecting essences that will support their spiritual growth in alignment with their life purpose and spiritual path.  It is a very soothing, relaxing, and uplifting experience to be in Jill’s presence and have her guidance during times of great change - when it’s difficult to see the whole picture.

Jill offers a private consultation combining intuitive guidance, spiritual counseling, and energy harmonizing.  A perfect blend of essences is carefully chosen and prepared in a one ounce treatment bottle.  How to use them in the healing and balancing process will be discussed. 

Dr. Bach believed in treating people as individuals.  The most effective treatment is always one chosen for you personally. Each bottle is blessed with a special prayer, infused with healing energies, and immersed with Divine Love.



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Bach Flower Remedies are helpful in treating:

  • Fears (known and unknown)
  • Irritability or Impatience
  • Fear of "losing it"
  • Repeating mistakes
  • Controlling/Possessive behavior
  • Poor self/body image
  • Depression
  • Jealousy
  • Shyness
  • Exhaustion
  • Trauma or Shock
  • Anger or Hate
  • Guilt
  • High strung/over excitement
  • Domineering/bullying behavior
  • Mental chatter or repetitive thoughts
  • Resentment or Bitterness
  • Anxiety
  • Apathy
  • Emotional eating
  • Sleeplessness
  • Adjustment/Protection during life changes (marriage, pregnancy, relocation, divorce, loss of loved one, menopause)

Natural healing and stress relief for the whole family!


Here's what people are saying...

starofbethHaving experienced the loving support of Jill's heartfelt energy and skill with flower essences, I deeply recommend working with her.  She took extra time and care with me and her kindness in following up to see how they were working was much appreciated.  ~Charlaine

I had a Flower Essence consultation with Jill during a stressful time in my life. I was experiencing a lot of fear, anxiety, and frustration that I couldn't seem to shake even though I was utilizing many other healing modalities. Jill sat with me and we discussed my issues and I immediately felt calmer and more at ease just being in her presence. She made me a blend of essences that I took religiously until the bottle was gone. I must say I felt the emotions begin to lift after a week or so, and by the time the bottle was finished I felt much lighter! I received a second bottle of essences to work on some other issues and since then I feel like my emotional life is much healthier. I am very grateful for the time and effort Jill took with me and how much better I feel now that the emotional blocks are finally gone.  ~Stefanie

I had no idea what was "off" with me. It was subtle yet too annoying to ignore. Jill is very intuitive and can pick up on the help you need even if you are unaware of the road blocks in your life.  One month ago, I had my consultation with Jill over the phone.  Two days later I received my personalized treatment bottle.  Results are amazing, the issues I had are GONE!  ~Monica

The essences Jill prepared for me were amazing!  They were custom blended to address my specific concerns and provided gentle and positive change in my life.  I noticed subtle changes at first and within a couple of weeks was able to see clear indications of how they were supporting me on my highest path.  They helped me to feel more grounded and present in my life.   They provided comfort and calmness in a time of great transition and helped me to let go of old patterns.  I highly recommend Jill’s flower essences to anyone who is seeking positive change and healing in their life.  ~ Hillary

Jill's intuition is second to none.  She knew exactly what I needed!  I started to feel the results within just a few days. ~ Tammy

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