The Indigo Child Teaches Us

The Indigo children are the souls that elected to come to Earth to assist in shifting the planet into a more holistic, loving and authentic place. The term Indigo is derived from the 6th chakra, the third eye, which is represented with the color indigo. Therefore, the Indigo children are highly intuitive and have the innate ability to sense when a person, or an organization is insincere, dishonest or does not have concern for the masses. Their life purpose is to transform the planet, rather than reinventing the wheel. They are here to teach us as much as we are here to guide and teach them. This is a major undertaking that requires diligence, charisma, intelligence and strength of character.

A concern of many parents and teachers is that the Indigo children are highly temperamental, stubborn and often refuse to follow directions that society or the family has set. This characteristic can be both beneficial and very damaging. It serves these children well not to conform to society's standards since it is their mission to change things that no longer work or need revising. However, since they are only children they do require structure, guidance and direction. It is imperative that we provide this for all children; the difference is that Indigo children require a different approach. They demand to be approached in a manner that they find to be sincere, worthwhile, and respectful. They see themselves as almost adult like and they will be insulted if they think they are being talked down to.

The Indigo child can become overly stimulated by their environment, which causes them to be adversely affected and in turn may cause them to have an outburst or become withdrawn. Noise can have a strong affect on their nervous system. If they are subjected to loud talking or arguing they may become jittery and often will intercede to end the dispute. Yelling or making loud demands at them will especially cause them to retreat.

It is strongly recommended that if you really want to get through to your Indigo child, talk to them in a calm, consistent, authoritative voice. Wait until you are calm, then explain to them why you are upset, what you would like them to do and give very specific directions (step by step) on how you want him/her to carry them out. You will never get the results you want or get through to them if you do not take this approach. The Indigo will only tune you out and lose a drop of respect for you if you do not treat them with dignity. Remember, be consistent! It is imperative that your child respects you and you get this by following through. Do not let them off the hook by letting their strong will deter you from the necessary outcome. They can be master manipulators and use their strong will to manipulate you into giving up your authority. Indigo children need to be taught to be responsible for their behavior and that there are consequences for their actions. You may even discuss and agree upon rules, chore s, consequences and rewards in a family or class discussion.

The teenage Indigo child that listens to angry, loud music or watches a lot of violent based television (including the news) or movies, will ingest the negativity and will become angry and off balanced and not even know why. They are peace lovers at heart and are not equipped for the severity of this world.

If the Indigo child is placed in an environment surrounded by people that are angry, depressed or dishonest the child will often absorb this vibration and it will affect their disposition and performance. This should be monitored in the home, at school or their work environment; where siblings, extended family members, teachers, bosses and family dynamics can alter their disposition. They sense when things are out of harmony and they retaliate or withdraw. The Indigo child often feels that they do not belong on this planet. They have a strong connection to the other realm. They will frustrate and become very angry when things are not going as they plan. Modifying the environment or teaching them appropriate ways to handle stress is imperative.

Teaching your Indigo child effective behavior modification approaches is the first approach. Explain to them that on this planet there is an appropriate way of dealing with people, and that they need to extend the same respect to others as they demand for themselves. They are so intent on making an impact that they overlook or ignore proper procedures and protocol. This is seen in Indigo's of all ages. They need to know they will make the changes necessary but it will occur slowly over time and not overnight. Their arrogance makes them feel above standing in line or raising their hand to answer a question. They feel it is their right to talk back to an adult. These values must be instilled in them very strongly.

Indigo's need a physical outlet to get out their built up frustrations. Marital arts, team sports, meditation, yoga, even a punching bag can be effective. They strongly hold the physical vibrations in their bodies, which need to be released. Sometimes you might have to place a hand on their back or shoulder and let them feel your balanced vibration and let it seep into them. This can be highly effective when they are upset. Of course, the person lending this support needs to be in balance in order to assist. They will sense if you have stored anger or resentment. Remember, these children are very intuitive.

They also respond to the creative arts to relieve stress. Drawing, journaling, and dance can be a good alternative for some Indigo children.

They also connect very well to nature. A walk or run outside can be highly invigorating and stress relieving. The earth holds powerful vibrations that can nurture and balance a person. Mother earth will also accept negative vibrations, which we must release and transmute them into something positive. Having animals and plants in the home can be very beneficial. Indigo children possess a strong connection to plants and animals and they also absorb human stress and transmute it. Plants and animals are very calming and uplifting by nature.

The Indigo child is highly intuitive, and connected to the Angelic realm and God. Teaching your child to call on their angels and guides to assist them with their anger or frustration can be very helpful. Archangel Michael can be called on by anyone at anytime. He can instantly be with you to assist you with transmuting fear. He is depicted holding a large sword, representing Universal truth, justice and knowledge. Archangel Michael will assist in issues of security, integrity and protection. Adults and children can feel the benefits of utilizing the angelic realm for nighttime sleep patterns, fears or misunderstandings in school or work, security issues, and communication. You can call on angels to talk to another on your behalf to clear and heal miscommunications. Pour your heart out and delve into the whole issue, the angels will assist to attain harmony with others.

These are some highly effective, practical and spiritual methods that can assist you in rearing your intuitive, temperamental Indigo child. The best guidance I can offer you is to continue working on your own spiritual, and emotional development. The Indigo child can sense when we are in balance and harmony ourselves. Through modeling growth and inner awareness we can have the greatest impact and long lasting effects. Indigo children require an abundance of love, structure, guidance and integrity. We are the people the Indigo child came to teach. Let us effectively teach them how to teach us!

Stefanie Miller is a certified elementary school teacher in Broward County, Florida. She is a Reiki Master and Angel Therapy Practitioner. She teaches classes on Guided Meditation, Indigo/Crystal Children, Angels and Archangels. She is available for private consultation. You can contact her at phone: (954) 915-8441, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*As Published in New Life Magazine, Dec. 2003.

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