stef2An Indigo/Crystal Child Parenting Session with Stefanie Miller is structured to meet the individualized needs of both the family and your child.

Ms. Miller is a certified public school teacher and a former foster care counselor with the Department of Children and Families, with almost 20 years of teaching experience. She has taught in the Broward County Public School System for over 11 years. She is currently teaching 2nd grade. Ms. Miller graduated from Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida in 1996 with a Bachelors Degree in Education. Her graduate studies were in Social Work. She has taught and counseled children and families in various settings including the educational, and therapeutic environment. Ms. Miller has worked with children of all ages, ranging from toddler to high school. She has worked with children that display educational, psychological and physical impairments.

Ms. Miller is an Interfaith Minister with Universal Brotherhood Movement. She has trained intensively with Dr. Doreen Virtue in Angel healing and uses her intuitive gifts and spiritual counseling techniques in her work. She is also a Reiki Master, utilizing sensing, balancing and working with energy in the art of healing. Ms. Miller has extensively researched the special needs of the Indigo child and has had numerous articles published. She conducts workshops and expos to enlighten parents and educators introducing unique strategies and teaching methods based on traditional, metaphysical and spiritual principles. Ms. Miller has an sixteen-year-old Indigo son that has brought her much pleasure, insight and enlightenment.

A one-hour session is tailored to meet the unique and specific needs of the child. The first session would be utilized to discuss the obstacles the family is facing then set up a plan that would fulfill their needs. It could be tailored to include educational tutoring, one on one spiritual counseling with the child or family unit and to set up short and long term goals (for educational needs, behavior modification within the family, at school or with friends to improve interactions). Her modalities are a combination of spiritual, and practical parenting techniques, which include: spiritual practices, behavior modification, discipline plans, and intuitive counseling.

Ms. Miller works with children as young as toddlers up until the teenage years. The sessions can include spiritual counseling, play therapy utilizing books, music, art, aromatherapy, games, movement, angel cards, crystals, and intuitive development.

motherchildParents may be integrated into the session to work through their issues with the child or to demonstrate modeling behaviors. This session would be broken up into three parts. The first part of the session will be used to collaborate with the parents and discover the focus of the issue. The next portion will be used to interact with your child and the final portion of the session would be used for modeling techniques, setting goals, sharing and reviewing.

A private session may be held in your home, over the telephone or at Ms. Miller's office. There is no set number of sessions necessary. Appointments may be a one time consultation weekly, monthly or otherwise according to the needs of the family. Please visit our shop for online ordering information.

Ms. Miller has been conducting private Indigo/Crystal Child Parenting sessions for nearly ten years and will provide recommendations upon request.

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