Who are the Crystal Children?


Characteristics of the Crystal Child

* Usually born in 1995 or later
* Possess large eyes with an intense stare
* Have magnetic personalities
* Are highly affectionate
* Start talking late in childhood
* Are very musically oriented, and may sing before talking
* Use telepathy and self-invented sign language to communicate
* May be diagnosed with Autism or Asperger's syndrome
* Are even-tempered, sweet, and loving
* Are forgiving of others
* Are highly sensitive and empathetic
* Are very much connected to nature and animals
* Exhibit healing abilities
* Are quite interested in crystals and rocks
* Often discuss angels, spirit guides, and past life memories
* Are extremely artistic and creative
* Prefer vegetarian meals and juices to "regular food"
* May be fearless explorers and climbers, with an amazing sense of balance

Adapted from "The Crystal Children: A Guide to the Newest Generation of Psychic and Sensitive Children" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Hay House 2003

Attributes of the Crystal Child

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You will know you have met a Crystal child just by looking into  their large, dreamy, intense eyes. They emit a calm, loving presence. You can sense as they read you energetically and size you up. If you pass their authenticity test, you will begin to feel them slowly warm up to you. Don’t rush it. If you come on too strong they will immediately retreat. If you sit back and wait, you will feel them open up to you and can enjoy their lovely, jovial personality. It makes you feel warm inside just being in a Crystal child’s presence. People, especially other children, will flock to them to bask in their goodness.

Crystal children people that require a very balanced, peaceful, loving, authentic environment in order for them to thrive and flourish.

Crystal children are often very peaceful, loving, kind, gentle beings. They are highly sensitive beings and use non-verbal communication much more often than they use verbal communication. They usually speak much later in life and communicate energetically and through body language. They will communicate with their parents through dreams, telepathy and eye contact.

It is imperative that you are authentic and in alignment in order to win the trust and respect of a Crystal child. They will know when you are coming from a place of love and kindness and will open up to you. If they don’t feel safe or accepted they will retreat further into their own little world.

It has been noted that there is a considerable increase in the number of children being diagnosed with Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. There are theories that it is due to a negative reaction to the immunizations required today. Others believe it could be the increase in toxic substances and environmental causes. While still others have prophesized that these new children have unique characteristics which will aid planet Earth in its ascension process. These individuals have been termed the Crystal Children.

The name Crystal Children is derived from the Crown Chakra, which is the chakra that these children mainly operate from. The color associated with the Crown Chakra is white or deep purple and its function is the direct connection to Source or Spirit. Therefore, the Crystal children are completely aligned with the Creator. This explains the fact that the Crystals are highly evolved spiritual beings caught between the third, fourth and fifth dimension. The ones labeled autistic are hovering in the fourth and fifth dimension and can hardly relate to the third.

The Crystal children, similar to the Indigos, are highly intuitive, psychic and sensitive. However, the Crystals take it one step further by possessing an innate ability for telepathy, performing hands-on miracle healings, seeing, hearing, or feeling deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides and the other side and easily perform telekinetics. Their psychic ability and development is at a higher and more profound level than most. Is it any wonder they cannot relate to us mere humans?!

Crystal’s are natural healers. If someone is not feeling well they will intuitively heal and balance the person or an>imal, sometimes hands on and other times just being in their presence.

Highly Sensitive Beings, that are much more delicate than most individuals and are wired differently. They are so sensitive that they cannot assimilate fully into our society or planet due to the density and harshness created as a result of our attitudes, environmental toxins, insensitivity and pollution.

Many times they become burdened and over stimulated by loud noises or angry words. They will retreat into themselves if they perceive that the world is unsafe. They require a peaceful, quiet environment in order for them to come out of their shell.


They have acute senses, utilizing all of them and may develop strong sensitivities to foods, sounds, dense energies, environmental stimulations and toxins, chemicals and scents. They cannot handle loud noises, bright lights, or negative energy of any kind.

Crystal’s easily develop food intolerance or sensitivities, allergies, skin conditions, rashes, flu, and colds often. They easily sunburn. They are so highly sensitive in all ways that they easily get thrown off balance. Making provisions in advance is helpful but do not despair, they are far more resilient than you believe. They have a very strong spirit and will heal far quicker than most when in balance.

They will flourish in the sunshine and fresh air. They have such a natural, strong bond with mother earth, nature and animals. It is the best way for them to ground, release negative or pent up energy and toxins and become replenished with universal life force energy.

Crystal’s require a good deal of sleep. Without enough sleep they will often become imbalanced and fall ill much more quickly. It is one of the only ways for them to replenish their delicate systems and reboot their circuitry.

They will communicate with animals, rocks, crystals, plants and trees. They can see the nature spirits and will often commune with them. It is such a beautiful bond to view!

Crystal’s are often very picky or particular eaters. Many times they are vegetarian or primarily vegetarian eaters. They will be very specific about what they will eat and what they won’t. It’s no point trying to force them because they intuitively know what their body needs.

They are often very passive and have difficulty standing up for themselves. Crystal’s are very loving, kind and gentle beings that wouldn’t want to hurt or upset anyone for any reasons, often times neglecting their own needs for another.

If they are out of balance or if their aura is too strong they have a tendency to short out electric equipment such as computers, cell phones, radios, lights, etc. They also tend to absorb energies of those around them so it is necessary for them to learn psychic hygiene and protection at a young age.

The Crystal children are very creative, loving, affectionate and filled with wonder. They have a million questions and various innovative ways of doing things. If the children feel you are authentic, loving, kind and filled with integrity, they will open up to you like a flower and share their unique world and vision.

They are highly creative and original and require opportunities to create and daydream. They will amaze you with what they will come up with, when left to their own devices! They are amazing artists, and inventors. They also love learning about Science (especially nature, animals and the solar system).

The Crystals often become very interested in various topics. They will then learn as much information as they can on a specific topic and then eagerly discuss it with anyone interested or who will listen!

If a Crystal finds you or their environment to be too harsh or negative they will rebel in fury. They will either retreat into their own private world or become volatile and even violent. Finding ways to keep them balanced and content is extremely important. They have a tendency to relate better to adults or children older than they are, rather than to their peers. They will connect with peers if they find others on the same frequency.

The Indigo child’s mission is to shake things up by their refusal to conform to societies standards through being both outspoken and rebellious. This is so that the old system is destroyed and a new Earth is created filled with peace, love and integrity. The Crystal’s life purpose on the planet is to realign and bring balance to our planet. They are so directly linked with Source that they can easily understand and tap into the Divine resources.

Our role as parent and/or teacher is to create a safe, enriched, balanced, loving, peaceful environment where these children can flourish. Being a public school teacher I must admit that it is a challenge to understand children that seem so removed from the norm. We are being challenged to change our perceptions of our role as educators. Teachers and parents must be aware and sensitive to the needs of our new children. The children require sacred space and understanding to be their authentic selves and have room to explore their true essence.

We can change the world only one soul at a time. The shift begins with us. We, as parents and educators need to look within ourselves. We need to clear out the clutter and chaos from our heads and hearts. These children look directly inside of us and can tap into what is there. The children have amazing healing abilities and communication skills, which are powerful only if they are able to link directly from heart to heart or mind to mind.

We can in turn balance our children by going directly to Source and filling our hearts to be healed with Divine love and light. We then take the love that is filling our essence and transmit it to our children. It is the perfect gift to our children and to all of life.

If you are feeling disconnected from your child, strengthen your connection with Source through prayer (where you speak to God) and meditation (where you listen to God). During meditation go directly into your heart and call on the name of Source, ask for all the places and spaces in and around you to be filled with Divine love and light and for your energy centers to be repaired, aligned, balanced and strengthened.

Feel as the light and love flow freely into your being. Once your connection is strengthened with Source and you are aligned, begin by going into your heart, listen to what it is telling you. Travel up through your heart to your higher self, then travel across to your child’s higher self. Continue upward to Source and then bring the energy stream back down into your heart.

Begin by communicating directly from your Higher Self to your child’s Higher Self. This is where a true connection can be aligned and you may truly do the work of your higher purpose.

The Crystal child has an important role on this planet in creating a New Earth. You, as parent and/or educator have a Divine role as well, you were chosen to guide these children into adulthood. Through compassion, understanding, love and authentic bonding you will fulfill your mission as an Angel on Earth.

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