lightsSpiritual and Practical Interventions
  • Explain to your child that they are always loved, protected and watched over by their Guardian Angels.
  • Many Indigo children have nightmares, difficulty falling asleep, or sense a presence in their bedroom. The Archangels are always available for assistance and intervention. The only requirement is that they are called upon. They cannot intercede on our behalf without our permission since this is a planet of free choice.
  • Archangel Michael may be called upon to take away any fearful thoughts or dreams, clear the energy of the room and remove any unwanted presence with his flaming blue sword that are not of God. He will assist us when we feel fearful. He will guide the children in their mission and intervene in upholding truth and justice (great in areas of school, work or at home). Archangel Gabriel will assist in areas that require clear communication (written or verbal); he will assist children and parents in expressing their thoughts and feelings in a loving, kind way. He will guide you in finding a purpose on your path. Archangel Raphael will assist with healing on all levels (finding a healer, a path as a healer, the right type of doctor, medicine, etc, also will heal and care for animals. Archangel Uriel will assist with healing the emotions and natural disasters.
  • Speaking to your child's Angels through your Angels. This can greatly clear up any misunderstandings. It works on the highest level. It can cause dramatic and quick results in unresolved issues.
  • Indigo/Crystal children are really in tune with the vibratory rate of crystals. Excellent for clearing negative or stale energy. Place one in their bedroom, hang it from the ceiling or wear as jewelry. You may program the crystal for whatever your needs may be.
  • Pendulums are a great method for checking to see if the charkas are open or closed. Also can be programmed to answer yes/no questions.
  • Oils are great to shift energy. They can be used as an atomizer to clear a room; they can be used to inhale to shift an emotional or mental issue. A little Lavender can be placed on the soles of the feet before bed to relax, or in the bath water. Lavender and Chamomile are excellent for calming the nerves and have powerful effects. They are made from flowers, which is earth energy, so the children are really connected to the essences.
  • Bach Flower Essences are excellent elixirs to shift their energy. There are many varieties depending on what issues you need to eliminate or achieve. Put a few drops under the tongue or in their water. They are holistic and derived from plants.  They have the properties of earth energy. You can find them at the local Whole Foods Market or Nutritional Store near you or online.
  • When Indigo's become too high strung they need the earth energy. Walking barefoot on the earth, in the grass, sand, pavement is really important in grounding them. Indigo's/Crystals need to release stress, negativity and frustration. Mother Earth absorbs and transmutes these energies. They release through the souls of the feet and take in the balancing/stabilizing earth energy. The yin Earth energy and the yang Sun energy will balance them. The sun's rays have a powerful healing affect on them. Don't discount the importance of nature. A day spent at the ocean, river or lake will have a calming effect and clear their energy field.
  • Animals have amazing healing abilities with these children. They can communicate with them and balance each others energy.
  • Archangel Michael may be called upon to take away any fearful thoughts or dreams, clear the energy of the room and remove any unwanted presence with his flaming blue sword that are not of God. He will assist us when we feel fearful. He will guide the children in their mission and intervene in upholding truth and justice (great in areas of school, work or at home).
  • Archangel Gabriel will assist in areas that require clear communication (written or verbal); he will assist children and parents in expressing their thoughts and feelings in a loving, kind way. He will guide you in finding a purpose on your path.
  • Archangel Raphael will assist with healing on all levels (finding a healer, a path as a healer, the right type of doctor, medicine, etc, also will heal and care for animals.
  • Archangel Uriel will assist with healing the emotions and natural disasters.

Intelligence and Learning Styles

  • Indigo's are quick learners however they may be diagnosed with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, slow learner or ADD/ADHD.
  • They learn differently than others but are often highly intelligent and sometimes gifted.
  • Indigo’s are considered Highly Sensitive Beings or Ultra Sensitive People, which impact how they perceive things and interact with, and, in their environment. Their extreme sensitivities need to be considered and factored into their learning style.
  • Indigo's have a difficult time focusing on one thing at a time. They can handle a lot of things at once but can become overwhelmed and frustrated by too much stimuli.
  • They energetically pick up the information they need. They may have a photographic memory.
  • Try various teaching methods and classroom settings to see which one your child responds most readily too. There are various learning styles. Some people are tactile learners (they need to touch, explore, try it themselves, others are visual learners (they need to see it, have it modeled for them, or they need to read it themselves), or auditory learners (hearing it).
  • There are many factors to consider when choosing a school: teaching styles, personality of the other children in the class or school, atmosphere (both physically and spiritually), the harmony of the atmosphere and level of exploration. The most important element is parent/teacher communication and follow through!
  • Indigo’s are really connected to today's electronic advancement. They are a whiz on the computer.
  • They expect hi-tech, instant communication. They download info just a like a computer, it's their nature and birthright.
  • They need to learn tolerance of others. They get along great with those of like mind but have little or no patience for those who are not authentic or living their truth.
  • We as parents, educators and friends need to model behavior for the Indigo’s. We need to work on ourselves so that we can raise our vibration to their level. In order for us to be a role model, we must be at peace with who we are and what our expectations are for our own lives. We must value, love and respect ourselves in order to gain the trust and respect of the children.

 Healing with Color Therapy

  • Indigo/Crystals respond favorably to colors in their environment.
  • Envisioning them in a color or teaching them to envision a color that is harmonious or beneficial to their energy will immediately shift them. For example transmuting a red color which might be too angry and forceful for their energy and seeing a more peaceful balanced blue can easily alter their mood.
  • Choosing soothing colors that appeal in their bedroom, clothing and play objects.
  • Assisting the Indigo in identifying their feelings through the use of colors.

 Sound Therapy

  • Indigo/CrystalÌs respond to peaceful tones. Playing relaxation music in the background during homework time, at bedtime or during stressful situations, may be effective in balancing their energy.
  • They also tend to respond to many beats, tones, rhythms, drums, and melodies, depending on where they are at mentally and emotionally at the time.
  • They cannot handle a lot of chaotic noise, chatter, or distractions around them. It becomes overwhelming and frustrating for them.
  • A lot of loud talking, arguing, or harsh vibrations will have a negative affect on their delicate nervous systems and affect their sensitivities.
  • Keep it peaceful and calm if you want a balanced Indigo/Crystal child. Make time daily for quiet time. They are prone to anxiety and need to learn how to relax and self soothe.
  • It is important that they learn the necessity and benefit from calming their nervous systems.
  • Vibration has a powerful affect on the Indigo/Crystal being.

 Eating Issues

  • They tend to get stuck on eating one type of food for long periods of time.
  • They get hooked on sweets, sugars, caffeine, white foods (starches, sugars, salts), artificial colorings, etc.
  • They may be primarily vegetarian or meat eaters or a combination of both. It depends on what their body makeup is craving. They know what they like and are not easily swayed into eating in a way that does not appeal to them. They may have a strong aversion to certain food groups.
  • They tend to go to one extreme or another. At times liking a certain food than deciding they don’t want it any longer. It may be frustrating for the parents. It's best to be relaxed about eating issues since they are so headstrong.
  • Choose as many organic and natural food choices as you can. They are so sensitive to the hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, colors, dyes and artificial ingredients that they ingest and their body strongly reacts to these substances.
  • Be cautious Indigo's have a tendency toward having food and environmental allergies and strong reactions to food that you or they might not be aware of.
  • Be conscious and observant with their mood surrounding certain foods that they may crave.
  • Eliminate one food at a time or try to cut it down a bit and observe the results.

 Sleep Patterns

  • Indigo's may require a lot of sleep since they are in planning sessions with their Higher Self, Soul Family, and Guides. They often do a lot of Astral Travel and may have vivid dreams.
  • They need sleep to relax and rejuvenate their ultra sensitive nervous system.
  • Indigo's may require very little sleep or often wake up in the night. Call on Archangel Michael, and the angels to assist. They may be sensing the energy of angelic, and spirit beings around them.
  • A dream catcher, a citrine crystal or a statue or picture of angel in their bedroom near their bed is often effective in helping them sleep. It gives them a symbolic reminder that they are protected and will help clear the energy in their bedroom.

Discipline, Routine, and Structure

  • Structure, discipline and routines are definite must! Follow through is imperative!
  • Administer discipline in a loving, fair way and with great respect and compassion. They will not respond appropriately to unfair demands, irrational responses or yelling and screaming. Being firm and consistent is crucial!
  • Indigo's need boundaries in their environment and in relationships. They need to know what their limitations are and the rules and regulations need to be clearly defined.
  • Have a family meeting and lay out the rules and expectations and what the consequences/rewards will be. Establishing a contract that will be clearly posted and referred to often.
  • Brainstorm rewards for following through with good behaviors with them for each expectation (good grades, being respectful, doing their chores), and consequences (getting bad grades, inappropriate behavior, being disrespectful, not doing their chores).
  • Discuss and list the rewards and consequences together. Allow them to have input. Oftentimes you’ll be surprised to find out they will often come up with more severe punishments than you would have!
  • Write the expectations down along with the rewards and consequences in a parent/child contract.
  • Post the contract in a visual place (such as the refrigerator, or a bulletin board in their room)
  • Refer to the expectations often and give a verbal reminder or warning before administering a consequence.
  • They will respect you a lot more if they see you mean what you say and say what you mean. They know when they are pushing the limits. It's often a test to see how far they can push you.
  • Refrain from yelling, screaming, blaming, and shaming. Just remain firm, calm and assertive. You need to stand by what you say and refer to the contract that you had previously established.
  • If they know ahead of time what the expectations and rewards/consequences are they cannot manipulate you, especially since they know what the clearly defined boundaries are.
  • Be calm, be fair but be FIRM. It all part of the "authenticity" of the Indigo's.
  • Indigo’s lack organizational skills. It is imperative to teach them how to organize and manage their lives.

 Organizational Skills

Since Indigo’s become easily overwhelmed teaching them organizational skills at an early age is essential. Suggestions include:

  • Use an agenda and having a large calendar displayed with upcoming appointments and due dates to be aware of.
  • Organizing their backpack, folders, and drawers at home and getting rid of clutter often.
  • Place important papers and assignments in a designated spot. Work on assembling supplies and projects way before their due date.
  • Communicate often with their teachers, when necessary, to keep them on track and work out a discipline plan so your child knows that the expectations are the same both at school and at home.
  • Make time to talk openly often, not talking on the phone or listening to the radio in the car so that there is an opportunity to discuss things, sharing family meals together without the distraction of the television or phone, and playing games together. Your child needs an opportunity to openly talk about what is going on in their life, what they are feeling, what their needs are, and listen to what they have to say. All family members need to be on the same page, whether it is the nuclear family or if the family is split through divorce. Consistency and clear communication are imperative!


  • Bedrooms: too much clutter is no good for them. Causes them to become overwhelmed and frustrated, too many choices and chaos. They will not be able to find their homework, important papers, toys, and belongings if there is too much clutter.
  • Lighting: must be softened to assist them in relaxing. Their nervous systems need to be calmed so they can relax.
  • Sheets: soft, comfortable sheets with peaceful colors so they can sleep.
  • Wall hangings: Keep it simple so that there are less chaotic, visual stimuli.
  • Nightmares: Call on Archangel Michael to clear the area and bring protection to your child's room. Program a crystal to keep the room clear. Program a dream catcher to watch over the room.
  • Lack of clutter: Too much stimuli has a negative affect on an Indigo's nervous system. They need structure.
  • Animals/Plants will absorb negative energy and transmute it. Indigo's have such a strong bond with the plant and animal kingdom and derive a lot of healing and balancing through the relationship.
  • Stuffed Animals: too many are not a good idea. They keep too much dust, which are not good for their allergies and can often disrupt sleep with scary and frightening images.
  • Homework space: Needs to be clearly defined. Indigo's need structure, routines and defined boundaries. A place to safely keep upcoming assignments and important papers, where they can easily find and refer to them.

Practical Parenting Techniques

  • Needs routine and organization
  • Consistency is crucial
  • Explain on a higher level by offering choices, but be sure they understand they must follow directions without arguing.
  • Indigo's grasp concepts but may need small informational cues and narrow topics. Too much information at once overwhelms them. Make sure they understand what you are asking or telling them to do first before you overwhelm them with too much information at once.
  • "Clean your room" may be too broad of a topic. It would be more productive breaking it down into individual tasks. (Pick up your clothes and put them in the laundry basket).
  • Punishments/consequences- coming up with these things together and following through!
  • Knowing their role in the household: they must be responsible for their chores and schoolwork, and be held accountable when they do not follow through.
  • They must learn to take responsibility for their actions and learn that there are consequences for their actions!

Dealing with Impulsivity and Intuition

  • The Indigo's nervous system is very fragile. They do not have filters to tune out the stimuli around them and become overwhelmed from too much stimuli.
  • It is hard for them to balance their energy and must be taught effective spiritual hygiene techniques.
  • They pick up on negative, angry energy and absorb it from others, thus they act out emotionally or verbally. It is one of the causes for the anger and frustration they are feeling.
  • Indigo's are prone to anxiety, depression and rage.
  • Indigo's perceive overwhelming stimuli from noises, vibrations, energies, colors, odors, and various things going on around them in their environment.
  • Indigo's become overwhelmed and thus frustrated, overly sensitive and nervous when in a state of imbalance.
  • It is important to balance this out with quiet, peaceful time, which will really help them in achieving equilibrium and harmony.
  • Too much television, video games, radio, computer, environmental noises and stimuli, such as traffic, sirens, loud talking, a baby crying, bright lights, are a few things that will intensify a fragile Indigo's nervous system.
  • They need an outlet to release what they are holding in their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Martial arts
  • Yoga
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Karate
  • Tai-Chi (high self discipline level and competition is with self)
  • Art classes
  • Dance/Music Lessons
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Guided Meditations
  • Manifestation Board & Forgiveness Lists
  • Journal Writing
  • Positive affirmations
  • Power of Touch (massage, reflexology, acupuncture)
  • Correcting Reversals (Brain Gym, Emotional Freedom Technique, TAPAS)
  • Energy Healing (Reiki, Loving Touch, Soul Focused Healing)

 Prayers For Parents

heartDear God,

There are no words for the depth of my love for this child.

I pray for his/her care and his protection.

I surrender him into Your hands.

Please, dear God, send Your angels to bless and surround him always.

May he be protected from the darkness of our times.

May he always see You at the center of his life.

May his heart grow strong, to love You and serve You.

I surrender, dear God, my parenthood to You.

Make me the parent You want me to be.

Show me how to love most patiently, to be there for him most fully.

To understand profoundly who he is and what he needs.

May this family be a blessing unto him now and forever.

May he learn here values and principles of love and righteousness.

May he learn from me, kindness.

May he learn from me, strength.

May he learn from me the lessons of power: That he has it and must surrender it to You, to be used for Your purposes throughout his life.

For thus shall You be gladdened,

And thus shall he be free,

To live most fully and love most deeply,

That is my wish.

That is my prayer for him and for me, forever.


Williamson, Marianne; Illuminata, Random House, 1994. 

Blessings For The Children

blessingsDear Mother and Father God,

We ask today that blessings be bestowed upon these children that stand before You.


Let Your light of healing, morality, and righteousness shine upon their souls today.


Let not the roots or tentacles of darkness come near their souls.


Let not any temptation or addiction be part of their life's plan.


Keep their souls under constant watch and protection so that no darkness comes into their sphere of consciousness.


Bless and guide them to stay on track and bring about all that is good in their lives and those of others.


Bless their lives so they will be endowed with purpose and courage, and instill within their souls on this day the light of everlasting grace.



Browne, Sylvia; Prayers, Hay House, 2002.

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