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ThetaHealing is used primarily to shift or change the thoughts, fears, and belief patterns that limit us and do not support the truth of who we are or who we want to be.  In session, we will work together to identify what your root belief is and often on what level this belief originates.  Is this a core belief you learned in childhood?

Is it a genetic belief that is recorded in your dna and brought forth through ancestral memory?  Perhaps your belief exists on the history or soul level?
To remove and reprogram these unwanted thoughts, fears and beliefs, we utilize the theta brain wave through a special meditative technique taught in ThetaHealing.  This technique incorporates focused thought and prayer.

As we access a subconscious state through the theta brain wave, we connect easily and effortlessly with God, our Creator of All That Is.  We witness Creator doing the healing by changing/removing or resolving the issue and replacing it with a more productive program or feeling… one that is in direct alignment with God and your divine plan.

ThetaHealing also allows one to experience a particular feeling. "In order for a person to have feelings such as joy, to love or to be loved by someone, or what it is like to feel rich, or any other feeling the client may be unfamiliar with, the person must be shown what these feelings "feel" like by the creative Force. Sometimes attainment of a feeling serves to create a deeper connection with God (ex: feeling God's love for you).  And at other times, it is a stepping stone toward manifesting one's desires (ex: feeling what freedom feels like).  For how can you manifest great love if you have never experienced a healthy love yourself?

Every thought you think is energy.  Every thought you think affects your health and vitality.  Every thought you think attracts more of the same to you. ThetaHealing clears limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and unwanted fears.  You are truly a part of All That Is and you can use this co-creative energy to change your life. 

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