Connecting With Your Angels
This fun and enlightening workshop is all about the divine energies of the angelic realm. Learn about your angels, guides and the Archangels; how to connect with them to receive clear guidance and gain clarity in your life. The Archangels can assist you in healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Experience and integrate your body, mind, and spirit through meditation, prayers, and techniques to find balance, reclaim your power, and propel your spiritual growth.


Healing With Your Angels, The GRACE Process
Based on the book Ask Your Angels by Alma Daniel. This workshop will teach you a simple five-step approach that will empower and enrich your life forever! Through Grounding, Releasing, Aligning, Conversing and Enjoying a partnership with your Angels, you can rediscover your authentic self, achieve your goals, heal your body, and create happier and healthier relationships.


The Magic of the Indigo Child
Explore a variety of parenting and teaching methods that can be utilized to cultivate a more effective relationship with your Indigo Child. These techniques are based on parenting strategies, metaphysical and spiritual principles, and modifications to the child's physical environment. Gain new perspectives on how to communicate and appreciate your gifted Indigo Child.


Crystal Healing
This class will look at how both crystals and colors can be used to enhance your life.To understand the natural healing aspects, we will briefly explore the Chakra System and its radiating centers of color that help our energy to stay balanced and healthy. Common crystals, stones or minerals that relate to these colors will be identified so that all can learn to benefit from their natural healing properties. We'll then study everything you need to know to begin using crystals for healing including: selecting, clearing, and energizing your stones, intention and empowerment, your basic set of stones, crystal amulets,infusions and mini grids. Whether you're a healing practitioner or simply a beginner interested in the beauty of crystals, gems, and minerals, you'll learn from and enjoy this course.


Chakra Balancing
If you feel tired, stuck, and can't seem to get it together, than this is the workshop for you! Learn how to clear toxic energies from your Chakras (energy centers), and restore your vitality, and radiance while inspiring your creativity. You will learn hands on how to test, flush, balance and strengthen each chakra for yourself and others.


Meditation 101 ~ Introduction
Meditation is great on so many levels, especially for physical and mental health. When practiced regularly, meditation has been proven to actually re-program  your body's response to stressful situations. This workshop will teach you the benefits of meditation and basic techniques. Practice techniques include relaxation through breathing, guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and self-guided meditation. You will also enjoy a beautiful and peaceful meditation, which will be facilitated toward the end of the workshop. If you're feeling stressed, unfocused, irritable, or just interested in learning about meditation then please join us for this fun, relaxing, and informative evening. You will come away with skills you can practice on your own and share with others.


Candle Ceremony, Merging Ceremony & Psychology
Whatever it is you truly long, health, prosperity or simply joy, renew your faith and manifest your heart's desire through Candle Therapy. This fun and enlightening workshop will teach you to assess your goals and purpose, purify and prepare your sacred space, choose the perfect color candle for your intention, prepare your candle with herbs, oils and magical glitter, and how to be open to the lessons and blessings to come. We will also discuss how specific days and moon phases may influence the power of your ceremony.

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