Indigo Children

Being a mother and a first grade teacher affords me the opportunity to be in constant interaction with amazing Indigo children. The common thread among these children that I wish to emphasize is that they have an abundance of magic within them and they will accept you into their world if you have the ability to conjure it. There is significant synchronicity in the fact that Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings are such popular movies at this time. The Indigo children crave the remembrance of home through creating a magical world.

I have found ways that stimulate the excitement and magic in children of all ages and I have numerous experiences and stories to share. First, I have a story for you that will exemplify where to begin.

One day not long ago, my two girlfriends and I took our five children to the park. We spread out a large blanket while the children played and we got out the pendulum and angel cards to have some fun of our own. Since I am the Angel Therapy Practitioner and Reiki Master among the bunch I often practice on my mainstream girlfriends. Well, it didn't take long before the children came around to see what we were doing. Stephen, age 7, wanted to have his chakras checked, too. I had him lay down on the blanket and I held the pendulum over each chakra explaining what each one represents. When a chakra is open it will tend to spin in a clockwise motion. If a chakra is closed, it will tend to either not spin at all or it will have a very small spin or motion. When we got to Stephen's throat chakra, it was closed. I mentioned this to him and explained that the throat represents thoughts or feelings that aren't being expressed. I asked him if he wanted to share with me what he was feeling. He paused for a moment and then confided in me that he was really nervous about moving to Brazil this summer and leaving his best friends behind. He was worried he wouldn't make new friends there. We talked about his feelings and some alternative ways of expressing and viewing the situation. His mother, Amee, told me later that she was really happy he opened up about his feelings, as he seemed relieved to get it off his chest. Since that day, Amee bought angel cards of her own that she uses with Stephen when he wants to.

Jack, age 7, was next to want his chakras checked. His third eye chakra was closed and we talked about him following his intuition, listening to his inner guidance and not giving into peer pressure or suppressing what he knows to be right or wrong. A few days later, his mother Marsha, was thrilled to report that Jack inquired wanting to understand what his third eye was. She explained it to him on his own level. My son, Travis, age 9, recently became a Reiki Practitioner. He is always healing others on one level or another. He attracts others to his warm, loving, diplomatic personality. He cannot handle any type of discord, anger, or imbalanced environment. Travis tends to change the tone of the room or else he leaves it.

I have observed that children of all ages love crystals. We have a special collection of them in our home that we use for various purposes. Travis sleeps with a citrine under his pillow sometimes, especially if he's having bad dreams. He sometimes carries one in his pocket if he feels he needs it. When I break out my bag of crystals, the children come running eager to hold them and feel their vibration. Charlie, age 4, lights up like a tree when he gets the opportunity to explore my collection. My niece, Becky, age 5, requested a pendulum of her own for her birthday. We check her chakras on occasion and recite positive affirmations to remedy a closed chakra. I let her practice checking my chakras and Grandma's for practice and awareness.

My company, A Magical World, makes unique hand-crafted angel boxes, which the children adore. They love placing their little treasures, trinkets or notes in them. These boxes are decorated with sparkles, crystals, feathers, gems, and various magical and earth-ly items. Each box contains a crystal and an essential oil to make them extra enchanting. The crystal can be used for comfort or meditation and the oil can be dabbed on or splashed in bath water. The essence of the boxes, crystals, and oils, are to remind us that magic is all around us and to bring this magic into our daily lives.

I was also thrilled to hear recently about a fourth grade Broward County teacher who has angels all around her classroom. On the day of the writing test she began by having all the children call in whoever they believed in to be with them and guide them during the test. She went to her desk and pulled out magic dust and sprinkled some on each student for good luck.

My friend has an angel hanging in each of her children's bedrooms for good luck. As well as having angels all over my house, I have a Native American dream catcher in each of our bedrooms.

The point I would like to emphasize is that mainstream parents and teachers can and should bring a touch of magic into their children's lives. It will provoke the remembrance of home, settle down their restlessness, and invoke eagerness and joy in their daily lives. In fact, it may even rub off on us. And I don't know anyone who couldn't use a little extra magic these days!

Rev. Stefanie Miller is a certified elementary school teacher. She is a parent of a ten-year-old Indigo child, a private reading tutor, a Reiki Master, and an Angel Therapy Practitioner. She offers Indigo Child Parenting Classes/Private Sessions and Children"s Story time and Guided Angel Meditation Classes throughout Broward County , Florida . Through innovative ideas and strategies based on spiritual principals and time-tested approaches, Miller shows parents how to gain a broader understanding of their unique child.

*As published in Natural Awakenings