Meditation Reconnection

Do you feel that if another person asks you to do just one more thing, it might literally break you? Do you often feel scattered or unfocused in your activities? Are these activities not as much fun anymore? Do you overact to seemingly stressful situations? Would you like to feel calm and peaceful more often?

If you relate to any of these statements above, then you can improve your life through meditation.

With Yoga and spiritual healing arts becoming so popular these days, the practice of meditation is also growing and becoming more accepted by the mainstream. I know many, formally closet meditators , who can actually talk about it openly with friends and family now. With that being said, it is not just for hippies, Zen Buddhists, Tibetan Monks or Yogis and nor does it oppose any religious beliefs. Meditation is for anyone wishing to just be, and be quiet.

Simply put, meditation quiets the inner chatter of the mind, helps you to relax and reconnect with the person inside of you that you really are, your core being, your true essence. Perhaps it's that part of you that you wish you could express in the physical world but have lost touch with over time. By focusing your attention on one thing, whether it is your breathing, a peaceful image, or a sound, you become aware and alert and you create a space within your consciousness for new energy, clarity, inspiration, and peacefulness all to enter and settle in.

For those of you who exercise, practice Yoga or dance, you are actually participating in a type of meditation. By concentrating on your heart rate, posture and movements, your other  thoughts become still. People also experience this through prayer, journaling, painting, or playing a musical instrument.

All forms of meditation are beneficial. Sporadic practice is good but regular practice is even better. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine states that meditating regularly for two months will reduce psychological distress and induce a greater satisfaction with life. Additionally, they have found that your body is literally reprogrammed through meditation to respond differently in stressful situations.

Some other benefits from meditation include reduced muscle tension, lower blood pressure, improved digestion and energy flow. The relaxation response and deeper breathing employed during meditation also reduce physical pain, insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks. On an emotional level, meditation helps us to feel less irritable, especially when experiencing PMS. It reduces anger and helps to again, create that space in your mind needed to detach from overwhelming emotions. Mentally, meditation helps us to focus, concentrate and improve our performance and skills. Meditation brings about a greater sense of self-awareness and understanding. It promotes compassion and a feeling of unity with Spirit and with all living things. Compassion is certainly something we can all benefit from having more of in our lives.

Here is a simple meditative technique that only takes about three minutes but can really quiet your mind and shift your consciousness. Please note that a portion of this meditation was taken from an excellent site for ascension tools and techniques.

Make sure you are in a comfortable, upright position facing a sunlight-filled window. If it is warm and you can open the window, please do so but it is not necessary. If it is a dreary day, you can still do this exercise.

With your palms outward, place your thumbs and index fingers together, creating a triangle shape with your hands. Position your hands over your heart region and set your intent that your body will absorb the light beyond the light of the sun.

Close your eyes and begin to inhale slowly and evenly and then gently and completely exhale. Imagine that with every inhalation, you are taking in more light through the triangle and into your body. Follow your breathing while you see and feel with your inner senses the light entering and filling your body.

After a few minutes you will feel full and nourished by this light. You can then open your eyes and reorient yourself with your surroundings.

You may wish to begin and end this meditation with a short prayer, thanking your angels and guides or whomever you believe in, for their assistance, love and protection.

Meditation doesn't have to take up much of your time to be effective; it just has to be practiced on a regular basis. Reconnecting through meditation can be short and simple, while still supportive of your body, mind, and spirit. Namaste.

Private instruction and group guided meditations are available. Please contact us for more information.

I honor the place in you where Spirit lives...
I honor the place in you that is of Love,
of Truth, of Light, of Peace.
When you are in that place in you,
and I am in that place in me;
Then we are One.